March 28, 2018

Chaz Taylor, National Telecom Marketing Originator, Will Move On

Charlene Taylor, founder of the original marketing agency formed to serve independent telecommunications (broadband) companies, has announced that the last day of business for Chaz Taylor, Inc. will be this April 2018.

Beginning in 1986, Tennessee-based Chaz Taylor has been a leader in providing marketing, product roll-out promotions and customer sales tools to an industry that was able to move from analog phone lines to the most essential link for interactive, communication networks across America.

“The seriousness of being in a central office of a client’s network the first time the Internet interface was set up still seems too amazing to think it was actually happening!” Taylor said. “The birthing of the digital age became part of the magnitude of what we now know can be digital enterprises, creating groundbreaking consumer-use experiences. We worked with a tech-wise breed of innovating CEO’s and boards of directors throughout the telecom-technologies industry who had the clear and connected sense for development of local networks.

“Innovators seek innovators to work with, and they made communications efforts their first priority, proving to be focused on improving the conditions for market growth through universal connections.  And that’s what Chaz Taylor did for more than three decades inside the technology of telecom business — building customer messages tightly around the telecommunications product’s value.  Strategies of communication featuring foremost the customer advantage created an almost continuous flow toward adding one product and then another. By taking a once complicated utility mindset that limited consumer interest because of the perception of limited ideas, we helped our clients convey how they are the closest connection, and always the most helpful to customers. The ‘old phone company’ became the new and exciting culture dynamic for community growth. By providing cool and interactive service features connected to unlimited voice and data, these companies were trusted first with new calling, video, TV, cellular-wireless and other networking services.

“Apart from building effective communications-content models for consumer marketing, Chaz Taylor helped companies transition more quickly into being a broadband savvy force of technology evidenced through communication with customers. This is Chaz Taylor’s hallmark.  There could have been a succession of ‘customer-splat’ throughout the industry when these local phone companies were furiously building their fiber and digital networks. However, by bringing customers along into their dream and showing the reality of how it all worked, these companies avoided dreaded consumer loss, rather, they experienced lists and lists of pent-up demand,” said Charlene Taylor, who believes, ’The message is the bread that makes the brand.’

A long-time member of NTCA The Rural Broadband Association, Organization for the Protection and Advancement of Small Telecom Companies (OPASTCO), and several state associations, Chaz Taylor has been recognized nationally multiple times throughout its history as an industry spokesperson and marketing visionary.

Taylor says it is a great thing to make this kind of decision while you’re still hitting the mark of demand in the industry. For the last few years Chaz Taylor has focused more on a core group of clients, creating new content trends to promote technology’s use.  When asked what is next, Taylor says she will now “be all about a more personal mission of faith into a global seeking world ready for more God stories.”