Broadband technology companies who have more personality and personalized market strategies perform in the zone between all consumer groups and ages.



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Focused on those that impact the value of the home-network


Online tools you can deploy yourself for questionnaires and research, expanding the meaning of R&D by bringing it in-house for you

ISP, Broadband, Technology Customer Content

  • Frequency of messages that encourage customers to respond differently
  • Clear messages that set you apart as the technology expert
  • Online, Weekly News and Product Magazines
  • Product intros: fiber to the home, entertainment, wireless Internet 
  • Multi-screen marketing
  • Collateral
  • Customer marketing-sales services for Internet companies to use in getting increased customer response

Messages With Inspired Design

  • Local news channels – online, social media and local TV
  • Social media conversation starters
  • Online product magazines
  • Interactive product news and content
  • Network performance communications using Social Media
  • Digital messages for all screens
  • Video/local programming support
  • Audio with personality
  • Print to Keep: Bill inserts and targeted direct mail
  • Content distribution
  • Expansive image library of broadband and technology
  • Audience inspired content 
  • Radio, audio with personality

Sell Strategies

  • Pre-launch strategies
  • Contact creation
  • Product building
  • Online interactive
  • Mobile Interaction
  • Channel Guides with “Big Game” appeal
  • Test kitchen for pre-roll/new products
  • Inbound marketing
  • In-Store support
  • Event activations
  • Customer data gathering
  • People group strategies/target marketing
  • Product advantage strategies (i.e. multi-tasking via DVR)
  • Visual sales strategies

Chaz Taylor Provides Forbes a List of Broadband-Technology Marketing

  • Leverage customer relationships
  • Create popular word of mouth
  • Deliver creative designs, content and placement strategies
  • Provide social media content to support your marketing goals
  • Stay up-to-date with industry happenings
  • Reach out in new ways to local, regional and national press
  • Reinforce consumer decision making behavior
  • Transfer thoughts of essential broadband connections to reality of preference
  • Reduce customer churn
  • Create mix of normal media
  • Reinforce a more personal brand alliance
  • Maintain budget performance
  • Deliver top-of-the-line performance accuracy with greater understanding of technology
  • Create camaraderie with internal departments
  • Quickly adapt to competitive response/behaviors